Line Of Credit For Small Business Owners

Business Line of Credit for Small Business

The Top Best Reasons You Should Get A Business Line Of Credit for Your Small Business in San Diego

Mike has been running a successful business for ten years and is interested in obtaining a business line of credit for a small business. He is in a position to ask for money in his new business plan to justify a series of new expansion opportunities. He has the basis of a very good business plan to justify a loan from the bank and he is looking to borrow $100,000 against his total assets (equity and cash) for his upfront cash required. This is the problem. Who is going to fund Mike’s business?

Is a business line of credit for small businesses the right tool for your needs? Figures vary, but according to one analysis of roughly 400,000 small businesses, less than 20% have a business line of credit. Surely if so many small businesses are not utilizing their ability to get a business loan, there must be something holding them back. We explore some possible reasons below in this post.

If your business has recently become successful, you might be considering taking on a partner or want to grow the size of your current team. A business line of credit for small businesses could allow you to make that leap without having to worry about starting from zero again.

How To Get A Line Of Credit For Small Business
How To Get A Line Of Credit For Small Business

Here Are Some Things You’ll Need Before Applying for a Loan:

  • complete an application with our online lending application
  • have solid financial information including tax returns and bank statements on hand  
  • have a personal and company credit score of at least 750 (good/excellent)  

If your credit score is in the rebuilding phase, your business credit lines can still be considered. An applicant’s credit score can be checked by accessing his or her business credit report from the TransUnion website.

Lenders may request a debt schedule from you if you have any existing debt. The repayment schedules you provide when applying for the loan should be able to cover any existing debt. They may also request your bank statements for the past year, and your statement of income and expenses. You don’t need to send a personal credit report.

Financial aid can come in many forms. As business owners, we all know how important it is to have financial security. Because of this knowledge, we also know that starting a business isn’t something that should be taken lightly. That being said, there are many people out there who have managed to start their businesses and run them successfully and successfully for years on end.

How To Get A Line Of Credit For My Business
How To Get A Line Of Credit For My Business

Determining Your Lending Options

When considering your alternative business lending options, keep in mind that your online lending institution will be the first place to look. They offer small business loans as well as some of the best competitive interest rates. Nontraditional banks would also be the easiest place to apply for a loan, as they have human representatives recruited specifically to do so.

Putting Together A Lender Approved Business Plan

Now that you’ve decided on your lender of choice, it’s time to put together a lender-approved business plan. This is one way that banks and lending institutions will help guide you in creating a budget for your business, and will also help you determine how much money you’ll need for loans from your bank and how much money you’ll need from other sources of financing.  Your financing options will be determined at least partially by the business plan you create.

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine your start-up capital and operating expenses. This is where having a lender-approved business plan comes in handy, as it will help you determine the best place to go for investments.   If you’re looking for an investor, you’ll also want to have a marketing strategy in place and see if there are any competitors in your area.  

It’s important to note that lenders will look at your other financial liabilities when determining what kind of financing options they will offer you.  The age of business and type of business also plays a role in your financial options. A profitable business with less than six months of experience is a bit riskier for lenders, but they will still want to lend you money. However, if your business has no collateral or assets to offer, it will more than likely be difficult to find any financing whatsoever.

How To Apply For A Small Business Line Of Credit
How To Apply For A Small Business Line Of Credit

Providing Flexible Financing Options with Attractive Rewards Programs

Financing for businesses with flexible financing options is usually seen as the best because it can be paid back as soon as possible. It’s also one of the cheapest types of financing, and there are even some lenders that will offer this kind of service to businesses with less than perfect credit reports.

When you’re looking for a lender, don’t settle for less than what you deserve. If you have any questions about your financing options, business lines of credit, or need some help with business planning, we’re here to help! 

Interested in Shorter Repayment Terms When Evaluating Business Term Lengths?

Term lengths for business lines of credit can vary from 1 to 60 months, with many different features and options available. When deciding on what term to choose, it’s a good idea to consider how soon your business will be able to repay the loan. If you aren’t expecting a large influx of cash shortly, it’s smart to choose a term length that will help you consolidate your debt without making monthly payments for too long.

If you don’t want to make payments for up to 60 months, interest will add up quickly, and your repayment terms could be more than you expect. It’s important that you thoroughly go over all the documents outlining repayment terms when considering which business line of credit would be right for you.

Competitive rates vary from lender to lender and are dependent upon the term length.

Businesses can apply for lines of credit with a business loan. Business loans are one way to finance a business, and many small businesses look towards them when deciding on how they will fund their money needs.   While there are several types of financing options out there for businesses, the two most common ways to borrow are through credit cards and business lines of credit. While each has its benefits, it’s important to remember that credit cards have limits that need to be considered when approaching financing options. 

For example, some small business owners find themselves having to pay much more than they had initially planned on paying simply because they had exceeded their maximum limit on their business credit card or line of credit.  To avoid this predicament, it’s important to go over the terms of your credit card/loan with the business plan you have in place and understand how these limits will affect your finances.

The interest rates for small businesses can be negotiated depending on the company, and some lenders offer “zero percent” financing to help offset this high rate.

Business Line Of Credit For Small Business Purchase
Business Line Of Credit For Small Business Purchase

Merchant Cash Advance Options

Another option that is a bit less common is merchant cash advance. This type of financing is great for helping entrepreneurs who are beginning their business venture without all of their equipment or inventory, as it may not be viable to borrow money with a business loan from a bank or credit union because these ventures typically need a steady, predictable income.  

Cash flow gaps can occur when you’re first starting, and merchant cash advances can be a good way to fill this gap – especially if you have little to no credit history. 

Interested in Taking Longer Repayment Terms When Evaluating Business Term Lengths?

When it comes to financing, several options are available for businesses of all sizes. While short-term lines of credit can be good for purchasing business supplies, they may not always be the best option if your business is planning on making long-term investments in equipment or bringing on employees. 

For example, a business line of credit gives businesses the option to spread their payments out over several months or years.  A simple rate versus a variable rate also allows businesses the ability to choose a term that works for them. But that also means that a business owner will need to decide exactly how long they want their loan to last, which is more of an art than it is science.  

Once a business owner decides on the length of their line of credit and what rate they’re comfortable with, the next step is calculating how much they’ll need to finance their needs after the initial loan term has expired. It’s not uncommon for small businesses that have already borrowed money through other forms of financing to take out a new line of credit as they begin expanding or hiring employees.

Business Line Of Credit For Small Business Pricing
Business Line Of Credit For Small Business Pricing

Starting Your Application Process for Your Legitimate Business Needs

You can begin by filling out our online application in minutes.  The application process includes a thorough review of your business and financial history, and once the application is approved you can receive an offer in as little as 24 hours.

If we set up a meeting with you and your business partner, our team will work with them to evaluate their current cash flow needs, and then they can apply for a line of credit to take on their business needs. They will also be able to receive credit opportunities that matter to them. As a result, your business partner will be able to manage their cash flow more effectively by selecting rates that are simple for them while also being competitive. 

Once an interest rate is agreed upon between both parties, it’s time for them to fill out the loan documents.  Application processing times can begin as quickly as 24 hours, or it can take several business days. 

Our team can help at any point in the process, and we will help you with questions about your line of credit application. We want to be sure that you are getting the best possible rates from this type of bank loan. 

Business Line Of Credit For Small Business In Texas
Business Line Of Credit For Small Business In Texas

Access Greater Cash Flow

Line of credit loans provides a greater cash flow than you would receive with a standard cash advance. Our team is focused on your needs and wants, so we can ensure that you are getting the most out of your line of credit loan. 

We want to make sure that your cash flow is as easy as possible for you.  The disbursement of funds can be available with an agreed-upon date from the date of closing after working with our team. 

Interest rates can vary depending on your line of credit loan needs, and they must be considered to get the right financing deal for you. We want to make sure that you understand your options, so we will explain how a line of credit can help make your business needs easier.  

If you have any questions about what we offer, contact one of our representatives and we’ll make sure that you’re getting the best information possible.

To complete an online application for a business line of credit or any of the other business loan services offered by our company, please click the link and fill out a 1-minute application on the online lending form.

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Business Line Of Credit For Small Business In California
Business Line Of Credit For Small Business In California

FAQs for Business Line of Credit for Small Business

What Documents Are Needed for a Business Line of Credit?

The documents needed for a business line of credit are a completed business loan application, company financial statements, tax returns, and a personal credit report. The business loan application allows our team an opportunity to evaluate your business and your ability to secure financing. The company financial statements demonstrate the financial health of a business. The tax returns and/or financial records confirm your company’s ability to pay back a loan on time. Finally, your personal credit report gives us insight into your business credit history; it also verifies that you have sufficient funds to operate and grow your business when funds are needed.

The process for obtaining business line of credit financing begins with the submission of a completed application. Once our team has reviewed all documentation and is confident in the viability of the company, we begin by issuing a pre-approved letter of intent (LOI).

What Is the Best Way To Receive Capital?

The best way to receive capital from a line of credit loan is by applying with our online application. You will begin receiving paperwork right after you submit your application, which helps our team get you started in securing financing from authorized lenders. Here at Online Business Line of Credit, our loan consultants are always ready to assist you in any way we can. We know that getting the money you need can be a difficult process when dealing with your creditors.

About: Online Business Line of Credit has been offering our customers with reliable and affordable loans or cash advances for almost six years now. We have made an excellent name for ourselves by providing our customers with fast confirmation of their loan funds. Furthermore, we are known to approve loans for clients in many different circumstances as well as types of credit scores, effectively giving any individual who walks through our doors the opportunity to get approved for a loan from us.

How Big Should a Business Line of Credit Be?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the type of business that is applying for a loan. For a startup company, they may be looking for as much funding as possible to start up their business from scratch. Whereas, if they are an established company, they may only need enough funding for equipment or renovations. Even though it depends on the type of business, there is always factors that go into hiring a loan officer. Some factors that will help determine the size of a business line of credit include:

Inventory: This would be the standardized inventory for your company and it includes all of your raw materials as well as all finished products.

Construction Value: For an installed or new construction company, this would also include any building costs such as wages and construction fees. If you are buying assets for a new project or an expansion, then this would not apply.

Can an LLC Get a Line of Credit?

Yes, an LLC can get a line of credit. For an LLC, this usually means a loan.  Loan amounts are based on the terms and conditions but are typically around 70% of the gross annual sales of the company or its assets. It’s important to note that no general-purpose credit is available to an LLC; only lines of credit that relate specifically to specific assets owned by the company will qualify for loans for your business entity. For example, if your LLC owns real estate, equipment or fixtures, you can apply for a loan to buy these things.

This is in contrast to a corporation that can obtain credit from banks and other financial institutions as general business credit that is not directly related to the assets of the company.

How Do Small Business Lines of Credit Work?

Many small businesses can’t get a loan from a bank or if they do it comes with high-interest rates. If this is the case, consider getting business lines of credit. Businesses are eligible for small business lines of credit but need to have at least 250k in annual receipts to be considered for them.

The amount that one gets is based on your company’s sales and growth potential over the next year as well as your personal financing and risk management needs and how much you want to borrow overall. You’ll also need a personal guarantee which means you are personally responsible for making sure that loan payments are made on time every month or else someone else will pay off your debt.

How Do I Protect My Business Line of Credit?

A line of credit or ‘LOC’ can be an invaluable tool for many small business owners. With a LOC, you have the flexibility to grow your company based on your needs and it provides access to funds for capital improvements and contingencies, without taking on more debt. 

However, one of the challenges with a LOC is that it’s not protected against losses. If your business runs into problems and starts to lose money, you may not have any collateral left after using up the LOC funds. This could jeopardize your credit score which can affect future borrowing opportunities as well as lead to bankruptcy if left unchecked. 

Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect yourself against loss with a LOC.  By working with us, we can help you craft a LOC that offers the liquidity your business needs, with the protection you want. Here are two ways we can help: 
Collateral Protection We can protect your LOC by offering collateral protection. If your business is having problems and you can’t pay it back, we will seize any collateral you have on file to pay off the debt and reinstate your account. 

Business and Credit Monitoring whether businesses are thriving or struggling, our line of credit monitoring service makes sure your account stays safe from harm. We will monitor your business performance against your LOC agreement to find out if you’re meeting all of its requirements, such as making timely payments and keeping up with collateral. 

How Are Business Line of Credit Payments Calculated?

All credit agreements and lines of credit use a calculation formula that determines how much money or interest you will have to repay. A simplified example would be if your loan had an interest rate of 1% for each month, then every month you need to spend 1% of the total amount borrowed.

If your business has a $5,000 line of credit and you are charged an annual interest rate of 10%, then in one year you will owe $50 on your account balance. If it takes two years to fully pay off the line of credit, it would cost $100.

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